About Trisha Letourneau

About Me

“I worked for a Fortune 100 company in marketing, customer experience (CX), and strategy. Today, my passion is to help small businesses grow.”

Hi, I’m so glad you found me.

My name is Trisha Letourneau and I’ve been helping businesses grow for over 24+ years. The last 18 years in marketing roles.

My first full-time marketing position was with a small on-line audio company in 2006. Marketplaces were just starting to be a thing, believe it or not there was a time when Amazon didn’t exist (I know hard to imagine). I was challenged to develop two new brands, one professional audio and one for home audio, create a website, and devise and deploy a click ads campaign. In the first year after building and launching the website, we did $500K in sales. There were three of us, I led the digital marketing side and together we grew that company to $7M in sales in less than 5 years.

After that I worked as an independent consultant for a couple years sharpening my social media and SEO skills until I was hired by a fortune 100 where I’ve worked in varying communication & marketing roles until my most recent role as a Global Strategist.

As a continuous learner, I’m pleased to be finishing up my Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications at the West Alabama University.

If you are looking for a graphic designer, I will not fit the bill, there are so many wonderfully skilled creatives out there who are much more proficient at graphic design than I. However, if you’re wondering how to better engage your audience, extend your reach, or differentiate yourself from your competition, I’m your gal. Use the ‘send a message’ button below and get started today. 

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Logo Design

Your logo is the essence of your business, the voice that speaks to your customers. Let me create a unique and memorable brand identity.  I’ll help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and make a lasting impression.

Social Media

A stong social media presence can be powerful but it can be time consuming, I can help. Build brand awareness, drive traffic, improve loyalty, and give your brand a voice with a fresh social media campaign.


A good market strategy is a road map to reach your target audience, communicate your value, differentiate yourself from your competition, and achieve your financial goals.